Hey everyone! So I did this last year for December, and alot of people seemed to like it, so I’m going to do it again this year!

$10 ink sketch superhero commissions!

It’s a pretty cheep cost for a commission, but it comes at a price. *GASP* there are rules. (don’t worry they’re not that bad, its just the only way I can justify such a cheep price.)

1. The commission is a sketch drawn and toned digitally.

2. The commission will be  of one character. no background

3. The commission must be of a superhero character.  Usually these are from comic books, but last year i was lenient on the definition, mostly because what is the difference between Iron man and Samus? They’re both bad asses in armor. So my definition is a character from a game, movie, anime, or comic, that has abilities normal human’s don’t have. (and yes having access to high tech armor is an ability normal human’s don’t have.)

4. You pick the character.  However, I get to pick the costume and the pose. (this is so if I have end up drawing 5 Wonder woman sketches I can change things up and keep it interesting as well as have some fun.)

5.  Your own original characters are fine, however you need to have a reference drawing of that character available for me to use.

6. I’ll deliver the artwork as a high resolution tiff file by email.

7. I accept paypal for payment.

8. I’ll be opening up 10 slots for these commissions.  You can can commission multiple sketches at once.  However, to prevent being overwhelmed, only 5 sketches per slot.

9. email me at shadows@shawnmccauley.com to secure your commission slot

10.  I’ll be running the deal throughout the month of December.

Now A few of you might be wondering. “Shono! What will these ink sketches look like.”

Well these are a few I did last year:


I look forward to hearing from you guys!

And remember. Make comics! Not Excuses!