Do you like how I’m using my normal Tuesday and Thursday posts for shameless self promotion?  No? you don’t? … well tough, it’s my blog and I have to make a living some how!

Sure you can buy my comic!

My trade paperback Shadows of Oblivion: Resist & Defy is now available wherever you can buy books!

Trade cover color


It’s $9.99 everywhere but where you buy it from does affect the royalties I make.

So if you want to help me make the most money from every sale, then buy it from Create Space. It doesn’t cost you any more but it supports me the most!

The next best place for you to buy it from is Indy Planet.  Which is super convenient if you’re buying any of my back issues at the same time. You’ll save alot on shipping that way.

But Shono, I have this Gift Card. Can i use it to buy your comic?

Why YES! Yes you can.

My comic is available at, so you can buy my comic!  Just click here.

But Shono, I don’t live in the United States. Can I still buy your comic from Amazon?

YES! My comic is available everywhere in europe. Live in the UK? You can buy it from Live in Germany? You can buy it from Even you crazy Canadians can buy it from

Next Question!

What about other book store’s websites?

Many book stores like Barnes & Nobel  and Books-A-Million have it on their websites. I don’t know all of the book stores that are out there so you’ll  just need to search by title, or IBSN (which is 9781482607222)

Can I get the book at an actual book store?

Possibly.  I’m a small indie comic creator, not Stephen King.  Chances are the book store didn’t just order my book to put on their shelves.  But if you ask a sales associate, I’m sure they can look into ordering it for you.  And if they can’t, then come back to Create Space! As I said, that’s the best way to show your support for me

Can I buy digitally?

The book is currently being reviewed by Comixology. If everyone crosses their fingers and sends them letters asking for the book to be on their app, we may see it there relatively soon. *kocking on wood so I don’t jinx it*

I’m currently also working on getting the book properly formatted for the Kindle and Nook.  This is proving to be a pain in my ass.

So for right now you can get the books digitally on IndyPlanet Digital.

But expect it to pop up on more platforms in the very near future! It’s a slow process when I have to do it all by myself.  But it’s getting done!


So there you go! You can buy my comic everywhere! No excuses!!


But I hope everyone will be able to pick up the Special Edition of issue #2.  How can you pass up the opertunity for original art?  You’re crazy to pass that up!!

If you have any questions about where to find my comic feel free to send me an email. I always answer them!

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