dragon comparison


Many of my followers out there have given me the excuse “I’ve been practicing for months, but I don’t seem to get any better.”

Well the truth is it’ll take more than months. It’s going to take years. And this image is the proof.  Just as labeled I drew the first one fresh out of college in 2005. (I know i sucked even out of college)  And I drew the one on the right yesterday.  I’d say there has been some improvement, no?

So if you’re drawing and feel like you’re not improving, you are. Trust me.  The improvement might not be visible.  It could have been a mental improvement on how you think about composition or color.  Or maybe you gained a better understanding of how your tools work.   All these little non-visible improvements add up over years of practicing to make you a very good artist.  So don’t give up! Keep practicing! You’re getting better!

Also you should buy some of my comics. *cough shameless self promotion cough*

So dont’ make any more excuses! Make comics!