It’s been a weird couple weeks since Heroes Con.  First I got case of Con Crud and was essentially useless.  Then the Art and Music store I teach at held their summer camps.  So on top of my normal weekly classes I also had to teach kids how music videos were made.  This turns out to teach me alot as well…. before last week I had no idea how to use a green screen. And now I do…. You’ve been warned!

So I haven’t been very productive in the art production lately and even less productive talking to you about how things went (i’m narcissistic and assume you want to know).  So lets fix part of that (not the narcissism) and let you know how things are going!

So, HeroesCon.

Depending on who you ask this is the best convention of the year.  I’m inclined to agree.  This convention radiates with a love for the media of comics more than anywhere else I’ve ever been.  Hundreds of creators ranging from the infinitely popular Adam Hughes to small independent creators that feel like small fish in an enormous sea.  (that’s me, i’m the small fish.)

But the thing is, even though there are hundreds of creators there and even though its easy to feel insignificant in such a large sea of awesome, I didn’t get the feeling I didn’t belong.  Sure I felt inferior (and this will be the subject of a “No Excuses” later this week.)  but I  also felt like I belonged there and I have you to thank for that.

Those of you who visited me showed an excitement for my comics, commissions, and art that I honestly did not expect and I’m incredibly grateful for.  When I’m sitting all alone in my studio creating art, I have no idea if anyone is going to like it.  But when so many of you stopped by the fringes of artist alley and picked up a copy of Shadows of Oblivion, you helped me realize I’m doing something right!

So thank you! All of you! You made it a fantastic con.  I plan on being back next year, I hope to see you there!

Now for the photos!

art show

One of the reasons Heroes Con is so affordable for attendees is because every year the artists in artist alley donate art to be auctioned off. The proceeds of the auction go towards next years Heroes Con.  I donated a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles piece.  And I fanboyed a bit when they hung it up almost right next to Skottie Young’s piece…

I was also honored to find out later that there was a mini bidding war going on for my piece. Oh ego, when will you get enough stroking?



These boys set up shop across from me in artist alley. Business man Shono was jealous that they made more money than I did that day.  But artist and teacher Shono wanted to encourage them to keep on drawing and doing what they’re doing So i drew this fast sketch for them:






Rain was a bit of an enemy to us this weekend. Both when loading in our comics and after the con when we wanted to go enjoy the great city of Charlotte…



Table set up! Look at all those amazing comics…



Who cares about comics look at these handsome fucks!



Seth Tally (Writer of Dalrak the Mighty) And Myself talk with what we hope is a new fan!



More Talking with fans… though I have to admit it looks like I’m trying to snap here…



You get a peak of a commission I’m working on here…




Lets finish up with a professional photo taken by the amazing Patrick Sun  If you want to see more photos he took from the con click on his name. He’s awesome!

So I’m going to attempt to get back into my normal daily blogging routine again.  It’s been far too long since i’ve been doing this…. stupid life.  So hopefully I haven’t lost any of my mojo!

Tomorrow I’ll be talking about a subject that’s been bugging me for a while, Wednesday I’ll be sharing with you the commission sketches I did at the con, and then we’ll see what happens after that…

Thank you again to everyone who made Heroes Con a fantastic weekend, and to the rest of you: don’t make excuses, make comics!

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