So Monday I shared photos from the amazing Heroes Con Today I’m sharing sketches I did! I won’t blab on too much this time, but i just wanted to reiterate that I truly appreciate everyone who came by and said “Hi” that weekend.  And an extra thank you to everyone who picked up Shadows of Oblivion and Dalrak the Mighty as well as those who commissioned me.  I can’t explain the warm fuzzy feeling I get knowing all of you enjoy my artwork so much!

So Thank you for making me feel like I belong at a con that was so ripe full of amazing talent!

So on to the commission sketches!


The Baroness from GI Joe. I really enjoyed making this…. I mighty have to take some time and make a print of this character…


Bioware girls

Three Girls from Bioware games I’ve never played.   But I think i might have to change that….
Dragon Age

Leliana from Dragon Age.  I really need to play this game…



Lady Sif

Lady Sif.  As a Thor fan, I was very happy to be able to do this sketch!

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy. This piece unlike the others was 11 x 17 in size.  My girlfriend was pretty jealous as Poison Ivy is her favorite…


I have a couple more commissions I have to complete and mail off to the commissioners.  But these are the ones I completed at the con!


One person in particular commissioned me left me their sketch book but took it back before I could get to their commission. I don’t have any of your contact information but I’d like to send you your commission.  So if you can send me an email to I’d like to send you the commission you paid for.

I have the name of the commissioner, so don’t think you can send me and email and get a free commission out of it, I have ways to know if you’re the commissioner.


So tomorrow I want to talk to you in a special “No Excuses” post.  I’ll explain more then, so come back tomorrow!

And in the mean time Make Comic’s Not Excuses!

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