One Comixology


You read this right!  Shadows of Oblivion #1 will be available on ComiXology starting this Wednesday, October 2th!

For those of you who don’t know ComiXology is the worlds biggest distributor of digital comics.  They’re app and trademarked “guided view” technology makes reading comics amazing no matter if you are reading on your phone or on a tablet. (though reading on a tablet is beautiful, I highly recommend it).  They’re so good they built the Marvel, DC, Image, and other publisher’s comic apps.  So if you haven’t already, go download their app and start reading comics! (the app is free so there is no reason not to.)

I’m honored to have my creator owned comic added to their library of books.  Unlike many print on demand distributors Comixology doesn’t just allow anyone onto their app.  For them to count my books to be of the same quality as the other amazing comics there is truly humbling!

So on this new comic book day, pick up a digital of Shadows of Oblivion #1! (I’ll be posting a link, once the link goes live.)

If you haven’t already Picked up issue #0 you can do so here:

And if you’ve already picked up issue #0 don’t forget to rate the comic!

And remember! Make Comics! Not Excuses!!