Fan of making paper snowflakes?

Fan of Shadows of Oblivion?

Well then! Make some paper snow flakes that looks like Cerberus, The lead character of Shadows of Oblivion!

Here’s how:

Step 1: Download the template above.

Step 2: Print it out

Step 3: fold the paper in half along the lines. (making sure when your done the image is on top.

Step 4: Cut out the black part of the image

Step 5: Unfold, you have a Cerberus snow flake!

I’m pretty bad at making these, so I hope yours will be better than mine!


Email your snow flakes to  And I’ll post them here on tumblr.  And if the picture is particularly good I’ll make your photo the main banner on the official website!

So go have some fun and make some snow flakes!