Shono + NostalChicks


One of my favorite moments of Dragon*Con this year was meeting the Nostalchicks Cosplay Group.

They had contacted me a few months back to let me know they adapted my interpretation of the grown up Powerpuff Girls into a cosplay.  Naturally I was honored. It’s amazing to see your art come to life, so i can’t accurately express how happy I am to have my artwork deemed worthy of a cosplay.

My favorite part was that neither of us knew the other was going to be at the Con.  I was leaving the Con for the day on Friday when I saw these 3 girls in costumes that looked oddly familiar. I introduced myself and we took a couple pictures together.  It was really awesome!

If you want to check out some talented cosplayers you can follow the Nostalchicks on:

And if you’ve cosplayed my characters or artwork I’ve drawn, let me know! I want to see it!

And make Cosplay (or comics) Not Excuses!