Happy Valentines Day!!

To celebrate I’m going to share with you my love of making art!

Most of you who follow me know that most of my art is black and white. It gives my rough line art the gritty feel that complements my comic book stories…plus I just like how it looks.

But some of you who follow me and follow this blog might be blossoming artists who don’t like the rough or gritty style of art.  You like the clean and polished style. You like bright colors. You like a realistic painterly style.  And you’re asking your computer monitor “Shono!? when are you going to do a tutorial on how to digitally paint?”  Or “Shono I love the realistic style, I have no idea how to start doing that on my computer….”

… well neither do I.  I don’t really digitally paint, and I don’t really do the realistic thing.   I mean I CAN do those things, but they don’t come natural so i have to work extra hard and long to make anything thats any good.

But Since I cannot give you a tutorial on how to digitally paint, or how to how to digitally paint realistically I’ll tell you where you can get them.

Ironically its from the same people who taught me how to color my comic line art digitally. (ironically? i don’t know if thats really ironic…)

Go to DigitalArtTutorials.com

Here you can find dozens of art tutorials on how to create art digitally.  From Sketching, to Digital inking, to photoshop brushes, to lettering, to digital painting, to comic book coloring.  And they’re incredibly affordable as well! Just $25!! Thats hard to beat!

“But Shono” you’re probably arguing, “I come to your blog so I can get FREE tutorials.  Why are you pitching someone else’s paid tutorials?  Do you get a kickback for any CD’s you sell?”

Well you are a cynical person, aren’t you?  No, the fact is I used their CD’s to teach myself how to digitally color, so I know they’re good, and I know it works.  I wouldn’t recommend anything to you guys that wouldn’t benefit you.  But incase you are doubtful and still cynical you can download free tutorials from these guys.

Go to their Freepository

there you can download for free their Digital Painting: Photo Real Tutorial. as well as their Sketch Painting, Santa Painting, and Tips & Tricks tutorials.  All for free.  This is stuff I don’t use in my every day art, so I’m not really qualified to teach you guys about it.

These tutorials are by some of the best in the Biz so check these out and learn some techniques that I can’t teach you!

And Stop Making Excuses, and start Making Comics!