For those of you who are new to following my comic, It can get heavy at times. Very serious, intense and sometimes depressing.  So at the end of each issue I like to lighten up the mood with a short chibi story.  These are non-canon stories that give you a little insight into the characters and world, but are meant for pure fun and not meant to be taken seriously by any means.

This short story was written by myself. I also did the gray tones and the lettering.  However the beautiful line art was drawn by a good friend of mine, Brooke Clayton.  You should check out her  deviant art page at: and show her some love!

Wednesday I will be the second page of this short story, then I’m going to take a few weeks off.  Well it won’t be like a vacation, but I need to take some time to compile the issue and send it to the printer.  I also need to get the pages for the next issue done so I have something to post.  I’ll also be spending some time writing pitch proposals to publishers and catching up on commissions.  So Don’t fret if you don’t see a Shadows of Oblivion update for a few weeks. I didn’t go anywhere. I just have big plans, and It takes some time to come together! Be patient with me!

Anyways here’s a preview of Wednsday:

And I also wanted to announce to you guys (incase you missed last week’s post) that Shadows of Oblivion: Better Days is now available for digital download at Indy Planet.  Its only $1.99 for 40 pages, so thats pretty tough to beat.  Just click here to download!


And keep an eye out for details on my Pre-Ordering special.  Its a friggin good deal so you better not miss out on it!