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Gorilla Grodd Heroes Con Final



I thought it might be nice to share the process of this Gorilla Grodd piece that sold at the HeroesCon 2015 auction. So let me walk you through it.

1. Composition sketch #1 (I really liked this but thought I could do better)

2. Composition sketch #2 (I REALLY liked this one, but the girlfriend thought I could do better)

3. Composition sketch #3. This is the composition I settled on.

4. I took the sketch and blew it up and printed it onto a piece of 11 x 17 bristol board

5. WIP #1  This piece was completely done using Copic Markers. It was tricky to blend the colors to get the shadows, while simultaneously layering the markers to look like fur.  At this stage I was freaking out cause it looked so weird without the face and arms painted. I thought I’d have to scrap it and start over.

6. WIP #2 At this point I’m feeling confident about the gray’s.  But I have no idea how I’m going to handle the colors in the cape.

7. WIP #3.  After a lot of layering and blending of various purples (thanks Lilly for lending me  your purple markers) I got the cape to look the way I wanted.  So all that’s left is the background.

8.  Here’s the piece hanging in the saturday night art auction at Heroes Con

9. A scan of the final art