Well I asked you a while a few weeks ago that if you had any questions for me you should ask me and I’ll happily answer them for you!  Well today we’re going to get to some answers!  Enjoy!


Q: Do you typically draw your comic pages out beforehand, then scan them? Or do it straight from the computer (or a combination of both).

A: Well I’ve done both depending on what I have to draw, and where I am when I have to draw it.  But for Issue #1 and Issue #2 I am penciling the comic traditionally with my trusty pencil and blue line pro boards.  Then I scan the pages in and use Manga Studio EX4 to ink, tone, and letter the pages.  But some pages in the past have been 100% digital.

Q: What kind of a tablet do you use?

A: I use a Wacom Cintiq 21UX.  Before that I used an Intuos 3

Q: Do you play any trading card games?

A: No, I’ve never really gotten into trading card games.  And I’ve honestly tried. I’ve played lots of them, Magic, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, various Star Trek games, and even Munchkins.  I’ve had fun playing them all, but none of them have really gripped me to the point where I wanted to build my own deck.

Q: Who in Shadows of Oblivion has the largest rogues gallery?

A:  Thats hard to say since it’s a Team Book.  Most of the heroes share the same rogues.  But if I had to pick a character, I’d say Cerberus.  He’s the Leader, so when a villain is wants revenge on something the Wolf Clan did, he/she would focus on the leader who made it possible.

Q: When eating a bowl of cereal, do you put the spoon in first? Or the cereal? Or the milk?

A:  Cereal first. Milk second. Spoon third. Like every comic book artist does!

Q: What company were you first published by and how long did it take you to get noticed by Zenescope?

A:  My first published work was with a UK publisher called Markosia.  I did a book for them called “Ritual”.

I don’t know how long it took Zenescope to notice me exactly.  Since I’ve never been part of their editor meetings I don’t know if they took notice right away, and just never had a book to put me on or just didn’t think I was good enough until recently.  But between the day I handed them my first portfolio to my first work with them was about 5 years…. to be fair though I really sucked the first time i handed them my portfolio…

Okay thats enough questions for today.  Do you have a question you want to ask me?  If so leave a comment with your question or email them to me! Don’t be shy, I won’t bite!  I’ll just answer your questions in the next segment!

Thanks for the support everyone and remember to make comics not excuses!