Okay so I get alot of questions.  So I’m going to dedicate a day to answer them in my blog!

only.. today… well… I just decided I was going to do this now, so I don’t have any questions to answer here right now…. sooooo  SEND ME YOUR QUESTIONS!

The questions can be about anything related to comics and art.  It can be about writing comics, or drawing.  About what tools I use. Who my favorite artists are.  Anything like that.  here are some examples:

“Did you go to college for art?”

“What comic artist do you admire the most?”

“Do you prefer to draw digitally or traditionally?

So there you go! Get Cracking! You can leave your questions in the comments below. Or you can email them to me.  or even ask them on my via twitter.

I look forward to seeing your questions and answering them!!

And don’t make excuses, make comics!