When we draw people we tend to focus more on peoples faces and hands because they’re far more expressive, and by extension the most interesting parts of the body.  There’s not a lot of emoting you can do with your toes, so feet often get ignored. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to know how to draw them! So here’re how to draw the sole of a foot!

Step 1: ?

We gotta layout the basic shape of the foot first. Thankfully our foot resembles a very common shape we see every day: The Question Mark! So just throw down a general question mark shape. Don’t make it too curvy, but don’t worry about getting it perfect right off the bat, we’re going to be adjusting this as we go.

Step 2: Determine the proportions.

Now we must divide up our question mark into the parts of our foot. Our foot is divided into 4 equal parts: The heel, the arch, the ball, the big toe. It might be hard to believe that your big toe is the same size as your heel, but trust me, it is.
I like to use the dot of the question mark as the heel size and use that to measure out the rest of the foot.

Step 3: Draw the heel, arch, ball and big toe.

Now its time to actually draw the heel, arch, ball, and big toe of our foot. You might have to make some adjustments as you go. I’m sure you can see from my example that my foot is not in proper proportion after the heel. So I’m going to correct the proportions as I draw.

Step 4: Plan the rest of the toes.

Now we have to draw the rest of the toes in. We have to make sure they’re in the proper place. The way we do this is by making sure the pinky toe is in the right spot, then filling in all the toes in-between. The pinky toe ENDS where the big toe BEGINS. The rest of the toes gradually get longer until they meet up with the big toe.  When you’re planning out where the toes should be, it should look something like this:

Step 5: Draw the rest of the toes.

Pretty self explanatory. Unlike our hands, each toe is bigger than the one that came before it. Also keep in mind, that even though your toes have 2 joints, you will only see one of them from the bottom of the foot.

Step 6: Done!

You’ve completed your foot.  Good work! Keep these other factors in mind when drawing the foot:

  • The foot is large. It’s entire length is equal your forearm. Which means it’s bigger than your head.
  • Everyone is different. Toes are not uniform in shape or size. In fact some people (like my dad) has their second toe longer than their big toe. It’s okay if your toes vary when drawing them.
  • When your drawing shoes, don’t forget about foot anatomy! You have to fit your whole foot into the shoe. I’ve seen far too many people draw shoes that seem to cut off their toes! Don’t cut off people’s toes!

Next week I think we’ll talk more about how the foot connects in the body and moves in general.

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