There’s not alot of money in comics to start. Poor artists who barely have enough money to pay rent and get art supplies makes comic books for fans who can barely afford a $3 comic.  It’s tough.  It’s even tougher on the retail end.  Comic shops have to sell a ton of these comics every month just to stay afloat with very narrow profit margins, and still somehow have enough money to buy next months comics, and pay the rent and utilities, and pay their employees.  It is seriously not a very easy gig.  And thats for the comics distributed by the major distributor: Diamond.  They make even less money off of other distributors, and even less off of self published comics.

DESPITE that, there are some comic shops out there that still support indie, self published comics in their store and I’m trying to find them!

I’m trying to make the next baby step for my comic and getting it into comic book shops. I know there aren’t many out there that can afford to cary self published indie books, but If you’re shope is one of them I want to know! So if the local comic book shop you go to is open to carying indie self published comics let me know!  leave me a comment with a link to the comic shop’s website, or send me an email with the contact info so I can ask if they’d be interested!  Remember my motto: Make comics not excuses! So I made my comics, there’s no excuse why it’s not in comics shops!

So if You’re a fan of Shadows of Oblivion, help get it into your local comic shop!

Look forward to hearing from you!

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Tomorrow is Thursday which means I get to yell at you about the excuses you make instead of comics. Its my favorite part of the week, so see you then!