Well for those of you who follow me, you know that last week I took my annual trip to Raleigh, NC for the Manga and Anime Con known as Animazement! And if you guys follow me on Tumblr, twitter, or facebook, you were bombarded with silly pictures the whole weekend… I’m about to bombard you with some more (some of them are the same) but before I do I want to talk about the Con a little.

I love this convention. Animazement is fun, well organized, and just a fun place to hang out and watch all the cosplayers. They bring in local and some not so local artists to artist alley. They have voice actors, Not just american dub voice actors, but the original Japanese voice actors present to do autographs. Not to mention the gaming room… oh lord I love the gaming room…

What impresses me the most is the Musical Guest they fly in.  2 years ago it was Uchuu Sentai Noiz which was amazingly awesome!  This year was KOTOKO.  I don’t know anything about Japanese pop bands, but I do know it can’t be easy to get them to book a gig at an Anime Convention in America, so good work!

My only disappointment really was the fact I couldn’t get a table at the con.  I can see why, their artist alley section was jam packed.  They’ve told me that next year they’re expanding the Artist Alley section, so hopefully next year I’ll have a table to sell all of you my wonderful comics! haha.

Since I didn’t have a table I ran a contest.  If you could find me at the con, you win yourself a copy of Shadows of Oblivion #0.  I knew this was going to be hard, Finding one short man, constantly moving in a crazy crowd of people has to be next to impossible.  BUT I’m happy to say One of my fan’s who follows me on tumblr did find me and won his comic!! Here’s a pic of us!

Turns out his name is Shawn too! (or Sean? or Shaun?… I should have asked so I could spell it right on the blog… *facpalms*)  Anyways Glad you found me and got yourself a copy of my books!

Okay enough chatter. Let’s look at pics!


First and foremost I have to drive 7 hours to even get to Raleigh... One thing I noticed about the south since I moved here... It's flat....and things are very far apart...


Then there was a Giant Peach. At first I didn't think anything of it since GA is known for their peaches. And every street in atlanta is named "Peachtree"... then I realized I was in South Carolina... why the big peach SC?


annnnnnd........ we're here!


Then this  happened:


Bleach cosplay... I don't kow how you organize such a big group. My Girlfriend has trouble coordinating 3 of her friends for a group Cosplay...


My buddy does NOT like Cap'n crunch. "IT CUTS THE ROOF OF MY MOUTH!"


Hands down the Best cosplay I saw at the Con this year. Creative an well done. You win my friends you win!

Concert! This is KOTOKO performing.




What man? There's just a curtain over th-- OH GOD!!!


Dealers room!


Artist Alley


All the comics I was going to give away... Yet only one of you found me.... what a shame...


Bye Animazement! See you guys next year!!!


Dammit... 7 hour drive home...


This is me thinking: "I wish I was still at a con..."


Okay thats it for today!  I’m serious guys, if you like Anime, or Manga, and you’re able to get down to Raleigh, NC for Memorial Day weekend, come down to Animazement.  You’ll have some fun. Next year I should have a table, so if for no other reason you should come down to visit me!

I’ll be at Heroes Con in a few weeks in Charolette.  But Again I won’t have a table there, I’ve never been so I want to scope it out before I throw down a giant chunk of change on a table.  But I WILL have a table at Anime Weekend in Atlanta.  So if you guys live in the south come say hi!

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