Our Silver Tier Patrons get to suggest characters for me to draw each month. If you stay at that tier for 6 months you get a guaranteed sketch from me of any character you’d like! Here we had a loyal patron ask for my character The Witch of Bibricate  cosplaying Juliet Starling from the video game Lollipop Chainsaw.

 This was a bit of a challenging crossover since I’ve not played the game, and I’ve revealed very little about the Witch. So I didn’t have a lot to work with personality wise. If you’d like to see the full version of the cosplaying Witch,  just click over here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/silver-tier-of-32739330 

We recently reached our latest goal!  I’m working on the reward for that now (it involves a dark version of WarAngel…)  Our next goal will allow me to make “Choose Your Own Adventure” comics every month.  So if you want to help us reach that goal consider donating! 

Thank you everyone!