Patrons receive access to my Discord & $30/month patrons get to suggest characters for me to draw. I randomly pick a suggestion each month and draw it! All the patrons at this tier get exclusive Hi-res versions of the art I make! 

The winner last month was our best girl Gear cosplaying Nova from Starcraft. If you’d like to see the full version Gear in futuristic battle armor, then over here: 

It’s a really weird time right now. With the Diamond stopping the distribution of comics, and a lot of conventions getting canceled, creators are going to start hurting.  So if you’re in a financially stable place, consider donating to an indie creator’s Patreon, Ko-Fi, or PayPal. (It doesn’t have to be me, I’ll appreciate it of course, but theres a lot of creators to pick from.)

Thank you everyone! Take care and Wash Your Hands!