So, a couple weeks ago I was in Charlotte, NC for probably what is now my favorite comic convention all year: HeoresCon.  It was my first year, so I didn’t know quite know what to expect.  But now that I have been there, It’s become everything I ever wanted in a Con.

For those of you who have been following this blog for a while know that a little over a year ago (before the blog was accidently erased and I had to restart it.) I did a blog calling for more artists to do creator owned work, and not waste your talent on creating fan art, and fan comics. Not that there is anything wrong with indulging in fan art, I do it myself  and I know it sells, but if you have a table in artist alley, and thats all you’ve done as an artist, then you’re wasting your talent, and your time at the con.  We could go back and forth all day on this matter, but my point is, HeroesCon answered my call! …. not literally… just… just keep reading

There were SO many artists at HeroesCon, and SO MANY creator owned projects.  My only regret is I didn’t have unlimited money to buy them all, and unlimited time to read them all. But a few did stick out to me, and I picked them up.  Most of them are fantastic, some were… not so much. I’m going to take this week and talk about the Indie Comics I picked up at HeroesCon, and tell you what I think about them, and why you should go pick it up.  No, I’m not going to talk about the bad ones.  Why? well 1. there are far too many blogs and internet shows that talk about bad comics.  It’s too easy to do, and just boring. and 2.  Even if it’s the worst comic ever made, I still have infinitely more respect for the creator(s) for being brave, and working hard enough to create the comic than  a person who makes excuses as to why they can’t make comics.

So Since I’ve babbled on for a long while Today’s Indie comic is going to be a short sampler pack I picked up from Artist Alley Comics.  This is a group professional creators who’s gotten together to digitally produce their own creator owned content. The book I picked up had 5 short stories that introduced you to 5 differnt comics. So thats how I’ll break it down.

KYRRA: Alien Jungle Girl

Not much to say about this one other than it’s just a wonderfully written and illustrated action sequence. Kyrra has an underwater fight with a monster and she is tough as nails.  It doesn’t give you much of a preview of what the whole story is about, but I’m intrigued enough to want to pick up the first issue and find out what it’s all about.

You can download issue #0 for free and decide for yourself: download


  • Written & Illustrated: Kelly Yates
  • Colors: Rachelle Rosenburg

Based on “The Monster at the end of this book” by my favorite Sesame street monster Grover.  This big hairy monster tries to convince you not to read the next panel of the comic, Warning you that something horrible is going to happen at the end.   Its really a fun and simple story.  I’m not sure if future issues will be writen the same, but this preview was enough to make me want to check it out.

You can download it for free to see if you agree (hey that kinda rhymed): download

Annie Ammo

  • Written & Illustrated: Richard Case

This story intrigues the crap out of me.  Basically our Hero lives in a world where very few children are born.  And the ones that are born are treated as commodities. Reminds me slightly of “Children of Men” only more Sci Fi Action… and there are still children in the world.  But it’s the art style that really drew me in. Simple line work and bright colors, give a unique feel to a story like this.  It would have been very easy to go dark and gritty with a story thats sounds so bleak. But simple and colorful art gives a dynamic that pulled me in further.  I love sci fi “what if” stories, so I’ll definitely be picking up more as they come out.

You can see for yourself in a free download: download

 Red Vengeance

  • Written & Illustrated: Chris Kemple

I’m going to to be honest with you guys.  This one wasn’t my cup of tea. Don’t mistake that to mean its bad, it just didn’t click with me.  This comic takes place in 1955 and boasts alot of the classic Superhero and/or Sci fi motif of the time complete with the campy costumes, and ridiculousness that usually comes with the territory.  Normally this is something I eat up… but the stories I eat up are SO ridiculous it makes no sense, and I enjoy the insanity of the plot. This comic plays it pretty straight and isn’t totally ‘1950s insane’ which is why I think it falls flat for me.  But If you’ve been looking for a retro style comic that actually plays it straight, you might enjoy this one.  So download it for free and decide for yourself!  download

Kill All Monsters

  • Written: Michael May
  • Illustrated: Jason Copland
  • Lettered : Ed Brisson

Okay This one appeals to everything I love in comics. Black and white? check! Giant Robots? Check! Giant Monsters? CHECK!! ROBOTS FIGHTING MONSTERS!?!?! CHECKKKKK!!!!!  It’s just a plain old fun comic.  I was reading it with a big smile on my face.  And you should check it out too.  Just like all the others i’ve talked about today you can download a sample for free

Check it out and decide for yourself: download


So thats my first indie comic review.  This one didn’t go in much depth as it was a sampler book and I wasn’t given much to start with.  If any of these stories have intrigued you then please check them out and help support the creators!  We need more creator owned comics out there.  And the only way we can make them is if we have the support of fans.  So Even if none of these comics peak your interest go support your favorite creator owned comic.  Lets tell the world that we’re tired of the same comic plot lines being rehashed for 60 years, we want something new and refreshing, and near and dear to the creators heart.  Lets support Indie comics!

So tomorrow I’ll be back with another Creator owned comic to talk about in the  mean time follow me around the web:

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