Everything by Ryan Browne

I first heard about this comic on the Around Comics Podcast where Ryan Browne was a guest.  Not only was he funny on the show, but his career rang with an strange familiarity to my own.  He’s an Indie comic artist doing work for IDW and at the same time self publishing is own Creation God Hates Astronauts.  Though I’m still working for smaller independents like Moonstone and Zenescope, I’m doing the exact same thing… so obviously that peaked my interest in his work.  Then when I met him at HeroesCon, and he made me his assistant; promising that the job would not pay and I’d treat me horribly sealed the deal, I had to pick up his book.

I’m very happy I did. This book is insanely wonderful.  And I mean insane. I don’t even know quite how to explain it to you guys.

It’s kind of a superhero story….sorta…  Well let me just tell you how the story starts and maybe that’ll be enough for you guys to pick up the book.

Essentially the Pugilist (look it up, i had to…) John L Sullivan is training Bears how to box so that he can reclaim the World Heavy Weight Title.  He’s suddenly interrupted by the Super Hero Group the POWER PERSON’S 5

The Super Hero Team fight the bears while the leader of the team, Star Fighter, squares off against John L Sullivan.  Sullivan proceeds to beat Star Fighter in the head so bad, it causes his head to swell to an unnatural size….


… then the bears become necromancers….


All the while, farmers and other random individuals are building home made rockets and launching themselves into space.

I know how it sounds. I know it sounds like this comic makes no sense, and all these random elements just don’t fit. But they do, and It’s so dificult to explain here, you have to go experience it.  Seriously, I haven’t laughed this hard at a comic book since the original Tick comics…. and that was a long time ago….

My personal favorite thing about this book is something people don’t talk about often when reviewing comics: The Sound effects.  They add to the comedy in a way that only comics can pull off.  You couldn’t get away with these sort of sound effects in the movies, or television, or even the radio (if for some reason you were listening to a radio broadcast that needed sound effects.).  Again much like everything else in this comic, I can’t fully describe it to you, you just have to experience it. BEHOLD:


And the best part about this comic? Besides all of this other awesomeness.  It’s free!… well sorta.  It’s free online.  You can read the whole comic at GodHatesAstronauts.com (thats where I got these example pages from.)  So you don’t even need to take a risk.  You can read the comic for free and decide if It’s your taste.

But if you love it as much as I do, PLEASE buy yourself a copy .   Indie creators need all the support they can get so that they can keep on making the comics they, and you love so much!  If you’re tired of the same old re-hashed stories in mainstream Superhero comics, then say “I want something new and refreshing”  by buying independent comics and supporting independent thought.

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