I love my fans, I really do!  Without you guys, it’d be impossible to make comics and art for a living.

So To say Thank you I’ll be posting photos that my fans have sent me with my comic all week!  I have a wide variety of fans all over the world and they’ve sent me all kinds of pics over this last year.  So I’m going to share them with you, AND offer you a special deal.

I only have 9, copies of my comic’s Special Edition  THIS WEEK ONLY (from monday July 30th to August 5th)  If you send me something to show your a fan, then i’ll give you 20% off an order of Shadows of Oblivion #1 Special Edition

To show you’re a fan can be anything from a photo, like these:

to fan art Like these:


Or it could be a third thing I never even thought of (but it has to be good, I’m not going to reward laziness)

So show me you’re a fan and get 20% off the Issue #1 special edition! But it only lasts for this week! OR until my last 9 are gone!

So thank you everyone who’s been a loyal fan so far! I hope you guys stay loyal fans for a long long long time!