So This past weekend was Anime Weekend Atlanta. And I had a fantastic time!  It was my first year in Artist Alley, and honestly I had no idea what to expect.  Would my comics (which is heavily influenced by western comics and not anime.) be well received? Would anyone like my interpretations of The Powerpuff Girls? Would i be crushed by the overwhelming cuteness of the Lolitas next to me?

Turns out the answers were yes, sorta, and no.

But seriously I had a fantastic time.  I was so happy to meet so many of you, and that all of you enjoyed my work so much! I really can’t believe I sold out of every copy of Shadows of Oblivion that I brought with me.

Since I was behind my table all weekend I don’t really have any amazing stories to tell, and I don’t really have as many photos as I would have liked.  There were some AMAZING cosplays I saw, but being busy sketching, or talking to people prevented me from snagging pictures.

The only real stories I had already posted about. Namely that I was a judge for the convention’s Art Show.  I was incredibly honored to be asked to do this as I know so many people pour their hearts into their art.  To judge it was incredibly difficult, and a little daunting but I think I did alright…..   So if you’re out there and I didn’t choose your piece of art for the Show i definitely picked your piece….. blame the other judges? (i hope there were other judges.)

The other story, as from Friday where I guess some people thought I was the artist for Squid Billies?  I thought that was weird since: 1. I had no Squid Billies art on my table.  2. I never claimed to be that artist.  3.  My art style is nothing like the Squid Billies….  I’m incredible honored to be compared to such an awesome creator, I just don’t know how such a rumor starts haha.

So that basically sums up my adventures in AWA land.  Thank you so so so so much to everyone who came and visited me, and supported my art.  It’s nice to know that i’m doing SOMETHING right when I spend all this time drawing. And thanks to the people who run AWA who were fantastic and Awesome! I hope everyone else had as great of a time as me.  I better see all of you again next year!

Now for some photos!

Lets sell some comics!

Lilly (Fluttershy) and I.  Aren’t we a cute couple?

Myself and the front man for Triphon!  How awesome is that?

Not sure if Fluttershy likes Shadows of Oblivion, or if she doesn’t approve of everyone “Being so mean to each other…”

I’m pretty sure this was someone’s dad who said to their kid: “You’re dragging me to this crazy thing, F#@* it, I’m dressing up too!”

Fionna and Marshal Lee… awesome!

Especially when they’re enjoying my comic!

I’ve never met anyone who’s fallen in love with WarAngel “at first sight” before! She says she’s going to Cosplay WarAngel, and She’ll be the first…. unless you beat her to the punch!

I think he may have gotten my last sketch cover…. I love it!

So the Lolitas next to me did not crush me with cuteness… but they did get me with a glittery mustache….

Okay that does it for part 1!  Tomorrow is part 2… which will mostly just be sketches i did from the con  See you then!