Check out Yesterday’s Post for Anime Weekend Atlanta part 1.

Now on to the sketches and photos!

Black Widdow Sketch Cover

Anyone who is new to following me might not know that for issue #2 of Shadows of Oblivion I did a limited run of customized covers for just $25.  I do have a hand full left.  If you want one send me a message.

This one sketch cover was of the Avenger’s Black Widow.   This was one of my favorite sketches to do, possibly ever…

Black Widdow Fan

The person who commissioned the Black Widow was Brittany DeSalvo from  Check out the site, it’s pretty cool, and check out the article she did on AWA here–>Article


Next Commission was of Alex from Street Fighter. Never really tried my hand at Street Fighter characters before… well other than Ryu or Ken.  This one was alot of fun!

Alex Fan

One of my favorite parts of all conventions is seeing the look on the commissioner’s face when I reveal to them the art.  AWA is one of the best cons for that reaction!

Okay thats it for now.  More coming soon!

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