Shadows of Oblivion #3 has been released! So in honor of the new issue, I have some limited edition covers for you!  But they truly are limited, so don’t wait!

Thank you all for your support!

1. Shadows of Oblivion #3 Cover B: ORDER NOW



Art by Brooke Clayton

96/100 currently available

2. Shadows of Oblivion #3 Cover C: ORDER NOW



Art by Jules Senecal

46/50 currently available

3. Better Days 8 bit cover: ORDER NOW



Art by Shawn McCauley

98/100 currently available

How to buy:

These limited editions are being sold on my storenvy site.  Simply add all of the comics, prints, and/or original art in your cart, then check out! I’ll have your order in the mail within 5 business day! It can’t be easier!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

Thank you everyone who has supported me and this book! I can’t do this without you!

Spread the word! And more importantly: Make Comcis, Not Excuses!