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This year at Dragon*Con, Seth Talley and I got our most unique commission request. Someone asked us to write and draw a 6 page comic.  It was drawn in a 2″ x  3″ pre-panneled book.

It was a challenge to draw well, quickly and so small.  But I think it came out pretty good. Seth and I might have to develop this idea further…


Written by: sethtalley​ (aka Seth Talley)
Illustrated by: thegreatshono​ (aka Shawn McCauley, aka me)
Copyright 2015 by Seth Talley and Shawn McCauley

If you are interested in more comics Seth and I work on. You should check out Dalrak the Mighty.  It’s a fantasy story we originally created in 36 hours, where an office worker becomes Conan the barbarian. It’s a lot of fun, if you like fantasy tropes.

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