I’m skipping Final Fantasy 11 since it’s an online game. So in it’s stead I sketched a staple of all Final Fantasy games, Chocobo!

I have a question for you guys: Are any of you interested in purchasing these original sketches? If you are, I’ll start putting them up in my Store Envy shop, so let me know!

INKTOBER SKETCHES (so far): DAY 1 • DAY 2 • DAY 3 • DAY 4 • DAY 5 • DAY 6 • DAY 7 • DAY 8 • DAY 9 • DAY 10

If you have any suggestions on what Final Fantasy characters I should draw next, leave a comment! And if you want to own some of my art, you can get it at my Store Envy Page.

Otherwise Make comics (or ink drawings) Not Excuses!