Now that Inktober is over i’m bringing back the Fan Art Spotlights!  Today’s is an older one I never spotlighted before: Chris Farrington’s great CG Cerberus and WarAngel!  I particularly like the little CG version of me in the background.  It’s so awesome! You can see more of his art at: dragonpsyko.deviantart.com

I’m so thankful for the fan art! And I’m so happy to know I can inspire you to create art! So keep it coming!

If you want to submit fan art, all you have to do is post your art in your blog make sure tag me in it! (you might want to send me a note too just incase tumblr doesn’t notify me…which sometimes happens…)

With your permission we’ll even feature your fan art on the official Shadows of Oblivion website.

Thank you everyone for your support and awesome art! It’s just incredible!