Now since I started working on Sheena: Queen of the Jungle, working on Shadows of Oblivion has been put on hold. (I know I know, I’m Sorry.) And without new Shadows of Oblivion pages to post, I’ve been at a loss to what to post on Monday’s and Wednesdays. So It’s a crap shoot at what you’ll see, I’ll probably make it up that day out of desperation…

For THIS monday I’ve decided to share with you guys different places around the web that you can find me. I’m not just here on my blog. I’m on facebook, twitter, tumblr. I just started instagram after intense peer pressure. Some places you’ll find duplicate info, and posts.  But depending on where you go, and when, you might find me releasing different artwork at different times.  So You might see a sketch on twitter before I ever post it here… So here are the places you can find me around the net…

Official Website: (duh)

My original comic “Shadows of Oblivion” Official Website: (double duh)

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Instagram: thegreatshono (can’t really link it since its a mobil only app…)


My twitter page:

Shadows of Oblivion’s twitter page:

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Download a digital copy of “Shadows of Oblivion: Better days”:

Download a digital copy of Shadows of Oblivion #0:

Email me:

I think thats all my social networks. If i forgot any let me know!

I hope all of you Enjoy the work I do and keep on following me!

And always feel free to comment and email me! I love talking with fans, so don’t be shy!!

Talk to you all soon!

And make comics not… eh you know the rest by now…