Okay, so for those of you who don’t know, I am a giant X-Men fan. It’s Jim Lee’s X-Men in the 1990’s that got me into the comics to start.  Coupled with the X-Men animated tv show of the 90’s the X-Men became, and still is my absolute favorite superhero team comic book.

I dropped off from reading the X-books for a while, but was sucked back in during the Second Coming story.  Which, has to be in the top 3 of my favorite superhero stories ever.

Anyways, since the end of Second Coming they’ve been hinting that the Mutant Messiah named Hope is somehow connected to the Phoenix. I’m also a big fan of Jean Grey, and the Phoenix Saga, so when I heard the New Comic event Avengers vs X-men was centered around the Phoenix, and Hope, I got instantly amped!

That’s Saying something, cause 99% of the time, I do not care at all about the “events” that Marvel and DC put out.  I might read them… eventually.  But I never get excited about the hype.  Maybe it’s Cause I’m a giant X-men fan, or maybe It’s cause I hate the Avengers. (except for Cap, Iron man, and Thor.)  But I just want to see the X-men kick the crap out of the Avengers, and I want to see the Phoenix eat a planet or two!!

So in Issue #1 of Avengers vs X-Men, not alot happens, that you kinda already knew was going to happen without reading the book.  The Phoenix is coming to Earth.  Everyone suspects it’s coming for Hope. The Avengers want to take Hope and destroy the Phoenix.  The X-Men want Hope to become the Phoenix and truly be the savior of Mutant Kind.

Not much to review.  Great Set up issue, with great art, but nothing really happens except for the set-up to the rest of the story.  So I want to speculate on what they’re going to do with it.  Mostly it’s just my hopes of what they do with the story, cause at this point there is no evidence to support my ideas, I’m just an X-Men nerd imagining the possibilities.

So even though they’ve been building up that Hope is the Phoenix, that’s all they’ve been hinting at. They haven’t been building up a sense of doom or salvation that would result from having her become the Phoenix.  Nothing that gives a sense of urgancy to Hope’s fate.  Nothing that gives a sense of who is right or wrong in the AvsX conflict. As a result, to have Hope become the Phoenix would be pretty borring story telling. To foreshadow that she’ll become the Phoenix without simultaneously foreshadowing if its good or bad ruins it when Hope becomes Phoenix.  Because when she makes that transformation, the audience won’t know if they should feel joy, or fear. So without the emotional context, the “big reveal” will followed with a great big feeling of “so what, i know” instead of “oh shit!”

This leads me to believe there’s going to be a twist, and Hope is actually a red herring.  My hope (no pun intended) is that the Phoenix, like so many times in the past, is actually coming to earth to resurrect Jean Grey.  Thats probably wishfull thinking on my part.  But that’s the only thing I can think of that stays within X-men Mythos and gives a great, “oh shit” moment to the big reveal, instead of a “so what” moment.

If they went with an even different, bigger twist, I’d be on board.  I just don’t want Hope to take on the mantel of Phoenix.  This story as too much potential for awesome to follow such an obviously linear story plot.

But We’ll find out how wrong I am soon enough won’t we?

That’s my two cents on that. Tomorrow I’m going to yell at you for making excuses.

until then make comics instead!