Yamacon 2017 sketches: Zelda

Next YamaCon sketch is part 2 of a 3 part sketchbook commission featuring the main Legend of Zelda Characters. This one (obviously) is Zelda.

I gotta say, I always loved Zelda, and I thought it was a really neat twist in Ocarina of Time to reveal that she was Shiek. But I want to see her as a fully realized head of state. I want to see a Legend of Zelda game where she isn’t Princess Zelda, but Queen Zelda. Wise and kind, but also a fully capable warrior and military leader. If we must hold to tradition, (and I don’t think we need to) Link can still “rescue” her. But not because she’s held prisoner in some tower, but because her armies are under siege and you help them break it. Just an idea Nintendo…

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