Yamacon 2017 sketches: Panelo

Next YamaCon sketch is Panelo from Final Fantasy XII. Now I absolutely love the Final Fantasy games, but I do have some holes in my knowledge. I’ve never played FFV, I never finished FFVI, I never played FFIX, I never finished FFXIII-2 nor played Lightning returns (although I own it.) And I only just started FFXV. And of I also never played FFVII (but I own it.)  Hmmm. When I write it out there seems to be a lot more holes than wholes, huh?
ANYWAYS, Never playing FFXII I don’t know anything about this character, which always makes me feel bad cause I never know if I’m doing the character justice. But the supporter who commissioned the sketch seemed to love it, and in the end that’s all that matters.

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