There’s alot of negativity around the web.  It sometimes feels like thats all people do here on the internet is criticize and make fun of everyone else.  But there’s also alot of cool things here too!! so Sunday is going to be about things I like.  Maybe its a comic I’m loving, or a band I’m really into, or maybe its just something that made me laugh this week.  But it’s all just for fun.  So enjoy!

Today’s thing I like is: Continue?  No I’m not asking you if I should continue my blog, its the name of the show.

Basically Its a youtube show where three hilarious guys from Philadelphia play a video game for 20 minutes then give it a review. But don’t think they rant and rave in the review like so many others, oh no,  the show is more about them playing the game, than reviewing it. Their review is either “I’d continue” or “game over.”  Simple and to the point, just the way I like it!

Now I watch alot of online review shows.  90% of them are incredibly cynical and overly critical of the game they’re playing.  You can never make these type of reviewers happy.  If you do something different they bitch and moan on how its not like the games they like to play, and how they changed everything that was familiar to them.  But if you make something the same they bitch and moan on how the developers are stale and don’t want to try anything new.  But Continue? isn’t like that.  These guys get it.  Games are meant to be fun, plain and simple.  And even if the game is a crappy 8 bit nintendo game they still enjoy the crap out of it.  They put a smile on my face to see them having fun and not being all pissy cause of the “in game physics is off.” Very fun. Very Refreshing.

So check them out, I think you’ll like them too!


or you can find them on

And here’s one of my favorite episodes they did!

Enjoy! See you tomorrow with the next page of Shadows of Oblivion #1