Well Until I can get back to posting pages of Shadows of Oblivion on Wednsdays, I need to come up with something.  Now I don’t know if this will be a weekly thing, but Every now and again I’ll notice some trends that I’ll want to comment on.  Sometimes It’ll be stupid, sometimes it’ll be funny, sometimes its just a rant that I want to get off my chest, but all of it will be just something I observe that I want to comment on.  It doesn’t mean its a wide spread epidemic, for all i know its just happening in a super small bubble existing right around me.  And it doesn’t mean my opinion is right, or “the answer”  Its just what I think…

… so with that disclaimer out of the way lets do something I observed at Animazement this year.

Last year, some of you may remember, I did an Artists “call to arms”  after I was frustrated that my walk through the Animazement Artist alley  found me only one creator owned comic.  All the others were fan comics, or prints of fan art.  I called fellow artists to create something new.  Stop relying on what other people created, be brave, and be a creator. This sparked alot of feelings, and after some back and forth with readers I ended up creating the no excuses segment of this blog.

Well I’m happy to report that this year in the Artist alley of Animazement I found far more than 1 creator owned comic. I found 5 tables with original comics.  One of them had 3 separate titles on it.  Thats very inspiring to me.  Now I could be all egotistical and claim credit for it, but we both know its bullshit.  I’m happy though that other people independently feel the same way as me, and started creating.   OR at the very least, people who have been creating have decided to get tables at Animazement haha.

It doesn’t matter the why part of it. What’s important is they’re getting out there.  Artists and writers who are creating new things and bringing it to the people to enjoy.  I want to see more of it!  so go forth my minions and make more comics!!!!

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Speaking of no excuses… I’m going to lecture you tomorrow about one….