You’re excuse is invalid.  There is no excuse that is acceptable.  If you want to do something, then find a way to do it.  I’m not saying it’s easy, in fact it’ll probably be the hardest thing you’ll ever do.  But if its something you really, seriously want to do, there isn’t a damn reason why you can’t do it. This man could of given up on painting, but instead he said “fuck that shit I want to paint and I’m going to do it god dammit.”  Do you think he just picked up a paint brush and painted this with his foot on his first try?  HELL NO.  And it’s the same for you.  It’ll take time. It’ll take trial and error, and lots of frustration, and a hell of a lot of fuck ups.  But if you don’t give up, and don’t make excuses, you will achieve your goals. As simple (and as difficult) as that.

So stop making excuses, and start making comics (or whatever it is you want to do with your life)

I’m hoping to get back to my full length “No Excuses” series next week.  So if you have any excuses you want me to dispel let me know, and I’ll show you why it’s lame, and why you can achieve your goals.

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So what’s your excuse?