WarAngel by Rive6


War Angel Rive6 by *Rive6

Every now and again I get someone sending me fantastic fan art from my comic Shadows of Oblivion. And I’ll tell you there’s few things in the world that are as flattering as when someone enjoys your creations so much that they want to make their own art as a tribute.

Thank you Rive6 for the incredible interpretation of WarAngel!  All of you should check out his work!

If any of you out there want to do some fan art of your own for Shadows of Oblivion you can send me a link, or email it to me at shadows@shawnmccauley.com  and I’ll feature it here on my blog!

You can check out more fan art, and fan photos on Shadows of Oblivion’s website! Check it out!

Thanks again!

Tomorrow is Tutorial Tuesday but in the mean time check me out around the web!

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