I’m an Indie Comic book artist.  I’ve freelanced for mostly small companies as well as self publish my own comic.  I get asked alot of questions on how I got into comics, how to draw, and/or how I started creating my own self published comic.

As I’m answering these questions I’m finding most peoples create excuses for themselves. Something to justify the fact that they’re not trying very hard. The truth is if you want to do something, ANYTHING, whether it’s making comic books or being in the circus, there is no excuse for not perusing your dream.

This blog will show work in progress, and tutorials on drawing and making comics in general, as well as feature some motivation to pursue your dreams and stop making excuses.  I’ll also be posting pages from my own self published comic to prove that I’m not a hypocrite and I practice what I preach.

So lets Stop making excuses and start making comics!